The Man Who Wasn’t There, conceived by THE OFFICE, takes the characteristics of a barber shop as a starting point for both its narration and format. A barber shop is a half public / half private place, where the relation between a barber and his client can become confident and even intimate, and, to some extent, paradigmatically represents a masculine (and assumedly partly homoerotic) world par excellence.

The project The Man Who Wasn’t There doubles this intimate dialogue between men: As an all female organization, THE OFFICE takes the chance of organizing a project at THE BARBER SHOP to dive into the space’s past and create our own fantasy of this world women are no part of, presenting a selection of films and videos, which all deal with men’s reflections on male role models, stereotypes or on the positions men are assigned to by and in society.

(photos by Susana Pomba, a.k.a. Miss Dove)


Thank you:

António Bolota
João Biscaia
Sr. Fernando
all the guest designers
and neighbours