"The captain heard a hoarse hissing and he could see how the white wave transformed into a long enormous eel. With his last effort the sailor got up at the eels back and found that he could breathe. He rode on the great eel through three deep oceans for three long nights


Suddenly the door was opened hasty and the two men turned around. A silhouette appeared in the pale backlight. A man glanced hasty around the room before he entered the saloon. He was wearing an old sailors jacket, sun bleached and of an un-modern fashion. A jacket just like the old shipper used to wear. He nodded politely as to greet them and sat down in the chair far back into the room. The barber studied him in the mirror and kept looking at the worn out jacket. A most peculiar atmosphere arose in the saloon, after a while the barber spoke and asked the stranger if he knew anything of the shipwreck of Cassiopeia. The stranger didn’t answer at first, he harked, raised his gaze somewhat but kept on staring into the mirror. His hand fumbled over the pocket and he got up a bottle of rum and an old half-smoked cigar."

'If you can tell a bigger tale my friend, I´m afraid you´ll have to tell a lie'

by Ferocitas Lions

sound, drawing, installation and shadowplay

January 16th and 17th . 6-8pm

Curated by Karolin Tampere

This event had the kind support of Office for Contemporary Art Norway