A r c h i v e
(Season One 2009-10)


CONCRETE RADIO is a collaborative project between Karen Di Franco and Sophie Mellor that describes the relationship between producer and originator, by exploring the liminal space of transmitting and receiving. Broadcasting within a highly localised area, Concrete Radio transmits a programme of found fragments, historical recordings and audio performances.

Radio transmission program:

> Samples of audio data collected by the Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument (HASI), which includes an acoustic sensor, during Huygens' descent, 14 January 2005. From the European Space Agency (ESA).
> Aleister Crowley reads from the Gnostic Mass

> Radar echos from Titan's surface: This recording was produced by converting into audible sounds some of the radar echoes received by Huygens during the last few kilometres of its descent onto Titan. As the probe approaches the ground, both the pitch and intensity increase. Scientists will use intensity of the echoes to speculate about the nature of the surface.
> Soundtrack by Throbbing Gristle to Shadow of the Sun by Derek Jarman. Recorded live in Chicago.
> An extract of Opus 17a for double bass performed by Robert Black Produced in association with the exbition "Kulturgeschichte 1880-1983,1980-83" at Dia Center for the Arts, March 28, 1996-June 29,1997. First performed at the opening of Hanne Darboven's exhibition at Dia on Wednesday, May 1, 1996.> The weather in space

KAREN Di FRANCO is an archivist based in London, UK. Co-Director of Plan 9 since 2007 her practice is divided between explorations of artistic economy with projects such as the Summer of Dissent, Concrete Radio and Trade Union, initiated with Sophie Mellor as a strategy to combine their artistic practice with their roles as directors of Plan 9, and a studio based practice that explores narrative and archival research.